Exclusive angling complex in the heart of Suffolk

Barham lakes offers a truly unique angling setting within over 3km of otter fencing, with over 31 acres of water over four lakes. Barham Lakes is beautifully picturesque with intricate bays, footbridges, colossal gravel bars and over 20 islands. It’s history boasts some of the greatest carp in British carp history.

The Fish

Our syndicate fishing lakes contain specimen pike and carp weighing up to 50lb. In recent years, we introduced 150 specimen hand-picked from the VS Fisheries. These have grown and developed well since being introduced.

In Baileys Creek, among its varied stock of specimen fish, you will find the recently added Crucian Carp species. This round and golden variety is quickly becoming rare in the UK.

About the Lakes

Surrounded by magnificent mature trees, reeds and gravel bars, our 4 exclusive carp fishing lakes offer a variety of depths. Many of these former gravel pits have islands, bays and plateaus, giving anglers endless choice of tranquil spots to fish.

Before being restored to its current state of beauty, this private fishing complex started as quarry pits where aggregates were extracted from the 1950s to the 1970s. Mammal fossils excavated from these pits are now in the Ipswich Museum.

Since 2018, the carp fishing lakes and surrounding areas have benefitted from extensive repairs, including landscaping, and replenishment of fish stocks, originating in the UK.

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